Busy As Bees

There are two approaches to spring that I notice in the animal kingdom: The first is to get up and do all the things. The second is to go back to sleep. Keeping pace with nature becomes a funny thing. I’m all for spring-induced over-activity, but I also love stopping, pressing my face into the giant red roses in our garden, and breathing deep.

Much of March passed by in storms. (I love the heavy rain-soaked drape of lavender and coreopsis over the garden stones.) Hot Ceylon tea with hints of cardamom have been a balm for my over-eager, sometimes over-anxious, spirit. That and needle & thread. Always needle & thread. Even on a perfect day the mind will dig and sort through reasons to feel not quite at ease. Does that happen to you? To counter that tendency, we try to focus on the things that bring comfort and harmony: a potter in the garden, design-work, stitching, painting, reading, baking…

* * *
D and I are firm believers in working until the Muse arrives. (None of this waiting around for her nonsense.) From small simple designs to large complex ones, there’s so much going on at Trellis & Thyme, it makes me giddy to think of it. I’m excited to share everything, and irked that I have to be patient.

The ‘Little Microbus’ cross stitch patterns really won me over. I couldn’t decide between an orange-based colorstory or a green one, so we made them both. Choosing the right combination of colors out of hundreds of possibilities is one of my favorite jobs.

* * *

Hope you’re having a delightful spring.

‘Till next time, cheerio!


In one moment, winter was gone. Icy blue skies are now filled with warmth and sunshine. The garden is flowering with bright orange nasturtiums, creeping daisies, violets, camellia, rosemary, and lavender. We’ve been stealing moments away from work to go outside and tend to the garden: pulling weeds, raking old wet leaves, mending trellises, and turning the soil. After such a cold and dreary winter, nature’s invitation is impossible to ignore.

We find ourselves growing envious of the garden cat sleeping in lush tufts of spring grass. (Incidentally, I think this longing is what inspired the picnic blanket. Natural but civilized. I want to have a lot of picnics this year.)

I’d rather be stitching than most anything, and thanks to all the wonders of spring, there’s no shortage of design ideas. ‘Little Onion’ is the latest addition to the kawaii garden. Like the others he’s quite sweet and takes only a few hours to stitch. (I never grew a vegetable that didn’t smile back at me.)


Another recent design is the ‘Amanita Mushrooms’ cross stitch. We love the storybook quality of it. It was soothing to create, and I really enjoyed the way the little details of shadow and light unfolded with each new stitch. There will be lots more in this new botanical series.

Spring is such a hopeful season. She makes you believe anything can happen, even after a cold dark winter. We’re letting her work her magic on us, like she does every year.

The garden calls again this lovely Saturday morning, so we’re off to prepare more beds for sowing. Then I’m looking forward to a hot cup of coffee and some felt softie embroidery (because there’s much newness, and like spring, I’m terrifically impatient.)

Wishing you a wonderful day, filled with the little things you most enjoy.

‘Till next time, cheerio!