These Are the Days

I was born and raised in the concrete wilds of Los Angeles, where nuanced is a fancy word to describe the imaginary seasons. After 25-years, I never noticed much between warm and warmer, and so the longing in my heart kept growing. Seasons. Some day.

Where we live now – 2 hours north of Los Angeles – there is a greater accent on the cold. Sheets of ice sparkle on the lawn on winter mornings. The afternoon sun is pale and frosted, and nights are frigid, blanketed by thick moorland fog. We experience the seasons more richly, more noticeably, and for me, more thankfully. (Not in the least because, unlike our southern compatriots, we get to wear hand-knitted scarves, gloves, and hats.)

If March was a lioness, with raging storms and torrents of rain, then April is a chameleon. The morning before last dropped to a chilled 42-degrees. The following afternoon soared to a balmy 81. Every evening the winds pick up, climb the hills and break against the south-facing garden, scattering rose petals across the lawn. Spring in all her effervescence. We’re positively mad about it.

I love all the roses in our garden, but these burgundy climbing roses are my favorite. Their petals are frilly and feminine – casually elegant, like a woman who’s unconcerned with how beautiful she really is.

* * *

I’m thankful my work is also my pleasure (though not solely, and that’s important, too.) Stitching is comforting. It’s soothing. I was never a numbers person, but I find the counting in cross stitch to be the perfect antidote to monkey mind. It keeps me gently focused. More than ever I look forward to the sunlit hours I get to spend with needle, thread, and my ‘Succulent Wreath’ cross stitch pattern.

We designed this wreath to look lovely in any season. The darker aida (chalk board black by Wichelt,) adds a serene and dramatic element to the design. With each stitch a new petal unfolds, urging you to stitch the next. It works up with a quiet enthusiasm, perfect for the days when you need something tranquil to focus on.

After this design was complete, D and I realized how much we loved the entire process. Needless to say, we will be designing more botanical wreaths to cross stitch.

* * *

For Easter we baked Italian Easter Bread – a recipe we love and bake every year. It’s so buttery-soft and light, even ’till the following day (if there’s any left by then.) This year we left out the colored egg in the center, and found it no less charming. A cup of tea, this bread fresh from the oven, my loved ones smiling (and purring) – I’m in heaven right here on earth. Life is so sweet when we learn to cherish the simple things. This has been my big revelation, anyway. Want less, love more, cultivate beauty where you are.

Wishing all of you a beautiful spring, a Happy Easter, and all good days.

‘Till next time, cheerio!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. 🙂 I remember those foggy winter nights in California. I thought they were marvelous. Your weather sounds similar to the weather in my part of Australia. Cold enough to be seasonal, warm enough to spend nearly every day outside. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Krista. 🙂 I’ve often thought the same thing as I’ve read through your blog. The seasons sound so strikingly similar, though we’re a world away! The flora and fauna are hugely different though! 🙂

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