While the Sun Shines

It’s a sweltering 102-degrees in the afternoons, while I sip hot tea and sew a Christmas quilt. Like Billy Mumphrey, I suffer from the all-consuming affliction known as unbridled enthusiasm. (They said it would go away this side of childhood, but I think it’s gotten worse.)

This quilt’s been such fun. We call it ‘Washi Star’, because it features sawtooth stars, squares, and rectangles in a lovely, twinkly, washi tape array. We designed it so that all the pretty fabrics could take center stage. (By “all the pretty fabrics” I mean the most delightful Andover and Kaufman cotton chambrays, paired with Cotton+Steel’s ‘Tinsel’ and ‘Garland’ collections.) All that’s left is piecing the larger blocks together to finish the quilt top. I’ll see about taking a proper photo of the layout for my next post.

* * *

Against his will, Dennis has been watching Poldark with me. (Though by the way he yells, “I can’t hear!” whenever I talk over the dialogue, you’d think his lamentations were, well, fake.) The production is just glorious. The acting is splendid. I am a bit torn though: I just can’t muster any positive feelings for our protagonist, Ross, no matter how hard I try. Oh, I have the time-honored love-by-proxy, and having been by his side through all manner of misery, I also have a good dose of wifely pity, but that’s not the kind of love you want for a fictional spouse! On the other hand, there’s the diabolically enchanting George… I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to be so fond of him, but I am and that’s that. Demelza’s a dear girl. And Elizabeth? My feelings wax and wane for her, though I positively adore Heida Reed and her performance.

Now I have to read the books. Winston Graham has such a charmed writing style: a few sentences and you’re drawn completely in. I’ve ordered the first through the fourth novels, so that should take care of my social life for a while. What with design-work, stitching samples, miscellaneous craft projects, making dinners, doing laundry (though not folding it,) etc., I have way too much time to spare. Hence, reading. Oh, who am I kidding? I predict everything but reading will suffer.

* * *

The garden’s bursting with flowers these days. There are fresh blooms all over the house, like every summer, making everything in life a bit better. Flowers do that. Cuddles is his dapper self, (when he’s not being a complete brat, that is.) And my ‘Life on the Farm’ cross stitch is growing cheerfully each day. I will have to pause for a moment and start ‘Trick or Treat’, because that jolly Jack and his curious black kitty are calling me.

In the meantime, we’re working on so many lovely new projects (some we have to keep hush-hush for a bit.) And ’tis the season for holiday stitching, so be sure to pop into the shop regularly to catch all the festive new cross stitch patterns!

‘Till next time, cheerio!