Cross Stitch: Frosty Treats

Hello friends!

My goodness the days whoosh by! We’ve been in a whirlwind of designing and stitching, and now I think I’m seeing double. Or I just need to rest my eyes a bit. Who knows. Ice cream! (It helps.)

Side-note: Does this happen to you? Things start out tidy enough… Then somewhere along the way, everything ends up right in front of me and I’m all out of elbow room.

I wanted to pop in, in the midst of our creative flurry, to chat a bit about cross stitch. We love it! We love designing the patterns, and I positively adore the stitching process. Currently, we have about twenty different xst patterns in the works, from petite kawaii gems to large and lovely samplers. This might explain why we’ve been so busy, especially when you add the upcoming felt softie designs to the mix. (Xst patterns take a bit longer to design, which means those patterns will trickle into the shop more slowly.)

We wanted our first set of patterns to be the xst counterparts of our kawaii felt softie patterns: pink cheeks, sweet smiles, and perfectly simple designs. They’re such a fun and breezy stitch – totally beginner-friendly, and rather addictive. (Each one takes me about 4-5 hours, and I’m always looking forward to the next!)

Of course we went with frosty treats for starters. But cheery little vegetables and fruits are also on the way! More on those shortly. And much much more to share and discuss with all the other upcoming xst patterns.

‘Till then, cheerio!