We are Sosae and Dennis. Wife and husband. Two designers from Southern California, who founded Trellis & Thyme – an independent pattern company.

Sosae’s the Creative Director and Stitch Mistress of Trellis & Thyme. She loves all things needle & thread, yarn & hook, coffee & cake… She’s fond of modern Swedish and Japanese design, and is a bit of an Anglophile. When she’s not stitching, she’s probably playing with yarn. Or watching Poirot. Or looking up recipes. (But usually she’s stitching, because that’s her favorite thing to do.)

Dennis is T&T’s Graphics Guru and Creative Consultant. When he’s not busy designing perfectly pretty patterns (which he does in the most macho-manly way possible – with a cup of tea and a sugar cookie for inspiration,) you’ll probably find him playing video games. Or sculpting miniatures. Or watching an episode of Poirot with Sosae. Or eating the stuff Sosae makes from all those recipes she looks up. (Assuming it turned out edible afterall.)

The Trellis & Thyme family also includes Coolba and Fluffo – two very fluffy cats that just loaf around the office.

Some other things Sosae and Dennis enjoy

Backyard gardening: They grow everything from pumpkins to peapods in their small urban garden. Follow T&T’s tumblr to get all the garden dirt.

Tennis: They’re not good at it or anything. They just really like to play. (And that’s not helping.)